Concord Public Works
Concord SwapOff
May 18 2024, 9:30am to 3:00pm
The SwapOff is the area where people bring older items that still might be useful to someone. To make the event run smoothly we need over 40 volunteers. Volunteers may help for as few as two hours or may stay all day. Help is also needed in the days before the event to help make signs and setup.

To volunteer for the SwapOff: select the station where you would like to work from the menu on the left, then sign up for the time slot you would like to volunteer.

To remove your name: If you realize at a later time that you are unable to help during the time you have volunteered, select the X after your name and complete the requested information.

To volunteer in the DropOff section of the event instead of the SwapOff, choose DropOff from the menu to the left.